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Below are PDFs of some of the other articles and publications I’ve written. I’m always happy to discuss these (or other) topics, as time allows.

Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Protections Apply Only to Employees Who Report Alleged Securities Violations to the SEC, firm update

Ninth Circuit Enforces Heightened Standard for Certification of Settlement Classes, firm Update

Statistics in Class Actions 2018, Slide Set, Statistics in Class Certification and at Trial (Strafford 2018 Webinar)

What the Supreme Court’s Latest Personal Jurisdiction Ruling Means for Mass and Class Actions,WLF Legal Backgrounder, 2017

Three Circuits Say Shady Grove Requires American Pipe Tolling for Serial Class Actions: Are They Right?, Summer 2017 Newsletter, Class Action and Derivative Suit (CADS) Committee of the Litigation Section of the ABA.

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