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Publications on Bristol-Myers Squibb, Class Tolling, and Statistics in Class Actions

February 7, 2018

Yesterday, I posted my article appearing on WLF Legal Pulse about how federal district courts are applying the Supreme Court’s Bristol-Myers Squibb ruling in class actions. That article was a follow-up to my WLF Legal Backgrounder article on the BMS decision published in September 2017. Below is a PDF of the September article.

WLF Article

In addition, I have added a Publications page where I will put PDFs of some of my previous publications, as I have time. Along with the BMS article, for now I have placed two PDFs there.

The first is my slide set on Statistics in Class Actions from the Stafford webinar I did with Paul Karlsgodt on January 23. Paul and I have done these webinars a number of times now over the past seven years. I have been interested in statistics and econometrics in class actions for many years.

The second is my article “Three Circuits Say Shady Grove Requires American Pipe Tolling for Serial Class Actions:  Are They Right?”  This article was published in the Summer 2017 newsletter of the CADS committee of the Litigation Section of the ABA.

I’m always happy to discuss these and related topics.

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